Flexible Loan and One – time Loan

Our company has already served hundreds of thousands of customers in recent decades. Our main products are Flexible Loan and Single Loan.

Apply for a Flexible Loan or One-time Loan

Apply for a Flexible Loan or One-time Loan

Apply for a Flexible Loan or One-time Loan directly by applying for a loan application. In one application you will see all the loans they have provided you. To apply for a loan:

  1. Fill out the loan application at the top of the page and submit it.
  2. You will get loan decisions immediately. Single and Flexible Loan products are included in the loan decisions.
  3. Compare the loans and choose the most suitable one.
  4. If you chose loans, you will go through their process.
  5. Confirm your income information with Instantor, approve the loan agreement and confirm the amount of withdrawal you would like (if you chose Flexible Loan).
  6. If the income was in order, your loan will be approved and the desired withdrawal will be paid.

Flexible Loan

Flexible Loan

A Flexible Loan is a typical quick loan or quick draw, with a small loan principal and a relatively short repayment period. Flexibility Details:

  • Flexible Loan,
  • Credit limits: USD 2050 – USD 5000.
  • Lifting Fee: 12.5%
  • Loan rate: 29% or 39%, depending on your risk rating,
  • Billing Fee: USD 4.9,
  • Loan period: Continuing agreement
  • Repayment installment: 10% of the principal loan. (Loan 1000 dollars, monthly installment 100 USD)

Flexible Loans therefore range from USD 2050 to USD 5000. You pay back the credit based on the withdrawals you make, always up to 10% of the principal loan, however at least USD 50. The loan does not have a separate maturity date or expiration date, but the loan agreement is ongoing. Applying for a loan once is at your disposal until you want to terminate it yourself.

Make withdrawals on Flexibility

You can withdraw from Flexible Loan either by SMS or alternatively visit our website and sign up for the Online Service. The minimum withdrawal amount is USD 50 and the maximum size of the open credit line. The online service shows you the balance of your Open Flexibility Loan and any loan principal that may be withdrawn.

Flexible Loan Repayment Free

Flexible Loan Repayment Free

Flexible Loan has a grace period of months. After three paid installments, you can pay for your invoice only, without any miraculous notification to Customer Service. Doing so does not reduce the loan capital, you pay only the costs. This will make the monthly installment much lower than normal and give you the flexibility to do so if you so wish.

Single strand


Single Loan is a small instant loan with a one-year maturity. Single Loan Details:

  • One-time loan.
  • Loan amounts: 500 USD, 750 USD and 1000 USD.
  • Lifting Fee: 9.25%
  • Loan interest rate: 24.5%
  • APR: 49.8%

A One-Time Loan is a typical fast instant loan that is applied for in one go and repaid in small installments over a relatively short period of time. The One-off Loan is fully electronic, and you do not need any additional attachments if you are able to use Instantor to verify your income information.